For every fluid end we recycle, we plant 10 trees

At Fluid End Forest, we recycle used fluid ends and plant trees. It's that simple.


fluid ends, other metals, and offer dismantling services


10 trees for every fluid end we recycle


carbon, naturally, from the atmosphere for generations to come


our planet, one tree at a time, in areas affected by deforestation

Our Team

“We are a group of individuals who believe we can make a positive impact. . . one fluid end, one tree at a time. We believe that this is the only planet we have to live on, so we better do our best to take care of it. We believe that the Oil and Gas Industry cares about our environment and in doing the right thing, more than anyone knows. Most importantly, we believe that we can create sustainable ESG business solutions and simultaneously create forward progress in the world.”

- Trey Smith,

Trey Smith

Trey is an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, more specifically Hydraulic Fracturing. He spent most of his career as one of the top sales professionals in the world for the forgings that fluid ends are made of. Now his passion is in reclaiming as many of those used fluid end forgings to create a sustainable ESG business model that makes the world a better place.

Shane Deerman

As an innovator and entrepreneur, Shane has worked on projects in over 40 countries for the oil and gas, mining, construction, and water industries. At every turn, he has incorporated ESG focused business solutions into every project he has been involved in. Shane is passionate about life and the outdoors and when it comes to work, he is hyper-focused on understanding the nature of the problem. From there, Shane develops unique and sustainable systems to solve our most pressing environmental issues today.

Jeff Lane

Jeff is an expert in international operations and skilled at creating passion behind our tree planting projects. Jeff is bilingual and has lived abroad for over a dozen years. His focus is to further develop and grow operations, support our planting partners initiatives, while taking tree planting to the areas needed most. Jeff is a very compasionate leader and is an ambassador to our mission and vision.

Cracked or Washed Out Fluid Ends?

The truth is, the Oil and Gas Industry DOES care about our environment and leads countless efforts to enrich our society and the planet we inhabit. We give our industry one more way to do good with the consumable items created by the activities which provide the energy of the world. Let’s face it, fluid ends, though lasting longer than ever before, don’t last forever.

We know fluid ends. We know recycling. We take care of everything, provide full visibility, and keep it simple. We buy failed, used, or scrapped fluid ends, and other metals, and recycle them domestically in the USA to be processed and remelted into a variety of products, ultimately completing the loop and supporting American manufacturing in the process. We also offer turnkey dismantling services with custom tree planting options tailored for each client.

Replanting trees around the globe

Replanting trees is more than carbon sequestration. So many regions in the world have been devastated by deforestation and as a result, entire communities that rely on the forest and its ecosystem have been offset because of this.

Currently, our tree planting partners are in 42 countries globally working to change the negative impact of that deforestation. From helping a community regain their livelihood to reintroducing wildlife into their natural habitat, Fluid End Forest is committed to the future regrowth of global forests.

Become a Preferred Partner today!

We are on a mission to plant trees. . . PERIOD. We need Fluid End Forest Preferred Partners to commit their fluid end recycling to our cause. Below is what our partners commit and what we hold up on our end of the bargain.

  • Preferred Partners – Commit at least 60% of fluid end Recycling
  • YOU pick the region of choice for planting operations
  • YOU receive Tree Planting Certificate for trees planted
  • WE purchase fluid ends at a benchmarked rate
  • WE arrange and pay for shipping anywhere in the USA
  • WE provide full traceability to the number of trees planted

Let’s Plant Something Together!

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

- Nelson Henderson